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Welcome to You Post the This website was created for you. Yes you. A Reader Submitted News website, you will be in control of what is posted. Many sites have classifieds, some have limited posting of News and Events but this website combines them all. You can read posts of others by choosing a city and the distance from that city with a range of 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100 miles. Think of it like a Newspaper, submitted by You. When you have something that is News worthy that you would like to share with others all you have to do is simply Post it. Upload up to three photos per post and write a story about what is in the photos. You can also embed a YouTube video.


Setting up an account is easy. Fill out the registration form, check your email, then you will be able to Post the News.

Editor's Page:

After registering you will be able to set up your own personal Editor's page. Upload a photo of yourself. This photo will been seen when you post in a category. On this page you will be able to see all of the posts you have made and be able to edit them. You will see how many others have read your posts. You will be able to keep up with other Editors that you choose to follow.


What is News? Well that depends on you. It could be a gas leak at a local petroleum plant or it could be your child taking their first steps. Big to you may not be big to some one else and vise versa. It's your site, post what you want. Just remember the five W's. Who, What, Where, When, and Why. Tell a story that the reader will enjoy reading. No one expects you to have the writing skills of a Journalist. Just do your best. You can upload up to three photos and embed a You Tube video.


Here is your chance to be a local Sports writer. Cover your local high school football team or Post how your child's little league softball team won the championship. No sporting event is off limits. You will be able to choose between Football, Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Soccer, Hockey, Wrestling, Volleyball, Cheerleading, Tennis, Rodeo, Water Sports, and Other. Then you choose if it is Pro, College, High School, Jr. High School, Middle School, Youth or Other. By choosing these categories it will make it easier for people to search for certain types of sports stories. The same as above with the News stories applies. Post some good photos and tell the story. Don't get all caught up in how you felt about what was happening. Tell the facts and make it interesting to the reader. At the bottom of the story there will be a place to discuss the story. This is where you can talk about how proud you are. You can post up to three photos and embed a You Tube video.


Are you ready to share fishing and hunting tips with others? Where are they biting? What is the best moon phase to hunt during? Post photos of that big bass you caught or that monster buck. This should be a fun area. Share info with others. I know you bass fishermen are pretty stingy with exactly where you caught the big one, but just give us a little hint. You can embed a You Tube video and post up to three photos.

National Classifieds:

You want to sell something to anyone in the entire Nation? This is the place to post your ad. For just $2 you will be able to place a National Classified ad. This ad will been seen by anyone, from anywhere. You will have to make arrangements to get your item to the buyer. This is not a bidding site. You will set a selling price. You can have your contact info within your ad or you can have the buyer contact you through the You Post the News website. If you chose this option you will receive an email informing you that you have a message waiting for you. All transactions are handled between the seller and buyer. You Post the News does not process any payments. You will be able to upload up to three photos. Your ad will run for 30 days. When searching for an item you pick a category and see every item posted in the Nation.

Local Classifieds:

If you would like to just sell your item to a local person, this is where you want to post it. This option is FREE. Your ad will be listed from your hometown that you registered from. Anyone who searches within 100 miles can see your classified ad. This will allow you to sell something locally. All transactions are worked out with the seller and buyer. You Post the News does not handle any transactions. If you are searching the local classifieds you can type in any city name and search within 5- 100 miles.

Wedding/Engagement announcements:

If you would like to share the announcement of a family Engagement or Wedding this is where you will do it. Simply fill in the blanks and hit submit. Your info will come out in the form of an announcement for all to enjoy. You can upload up to three photos for all to enjoy. Other can leave comments wishing the happy couple the best for their future.

Birth Announcement:

Well first off you need to know that this can not be used as on official journal of a birth of a child. But it will be a great way to share the news of a newborn child as an addition to your family. Share up to three photos and all of the other important info.

In Memory Of:

Our loved ones that have passed away are always with us. Keep their memory alive by posting a loving message and up to three photos.

Business Directory:

Any business, big or small, should post in this category. In the FREE listing you can upload one photo (logo), your address, phone number and you have three hundred characters to describe your business. Pick a category that best fits your business. When someone searches within your category, your business will be listed from closest to farthest from that person.

Featured business listings are only $60 per year. You will receive top position above free ads. A bold listing with yellow highlights. You can upload your own logo along with two extra images. Your logo will be displayed directly in the search results. You will be able to embed a You tube video directly to your listing. You will have a 5000 character limit to describe your business. Payment is easily made with a credit card through our secure Pay Pal link. It's that simple.

Church Directory:

Want to share info about your church? This is the place to do it. It's free and simple to do. Upload up to three photos and tell us about your church. Name, Location, Denomination, Phone Number, Pastors Name and even link to your website. You will be able to post events and share news happening at your church home.

Local Events:

Tell everyone about what is going on in your area. Post events that you would like to invite others to attend.


Have something on your mind that you'd like to discuss with other people from your area, or perhaps did you see something that bothered you when you were traveling through another town? Discuss the issues here.

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