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Red Bull gives you wings and $10 in class action lawsuit - Kinder, LA Anybody who has purchased a Red Bull since 2002 is entitled to ten bucks from the company after they agreed to a settlement in a class action lawsuit last month. Red Bull agreed to pay out $13 million to customers in order to settle two consumer c...

President Obama being injured in two White House explosions fake tweet almost crashes stock market - Kinder, LA The Associated Press's Julie Pace announced during the daily White House briefing that her organization's Twitter account was hacked, leading to a falsified post about President Obama being injured in two White House explosions. White House...

JOBS!! Coushatta Casino - Kinder, La - Kinder, LA Need a job? Apply online for one at the Coushatta Casino Resort. They have so many jobs available. When it asks you who referred you put Marcus Norris in Surveillance. // after clicking on link look ...

Jobs galore at the Coushatta Casino Resort - Kinder, LA If you are looking for a job look no further than the Coushatta Casino Resort. Below you will find many jobs at all different skill levels. Tell them that Marcus Norris in Surveillance told you about the job!!! You could get a $100 bonus just for...

GE is moving its global X-ray headquarters to China from the United States - Kinder, LA Anne LeGrand, vice president and general manager at GE Healthcare Global X-Ray, is relocating to Beijing from Waukesha, Wisconsin, along with several executives, including the chief financial officer and chief marketing officer, LeGrand said at a bri...

Louisiana Ranked Among Top Five States for Best Business Climate in the U.S. - Kinder, LA Friday, Governor Bobby Jindal hailed Louisiana’s highest-ever business climate ranking – No. 5 by Business Facilities – as a fresh signal of Louisiana’s emergence as one of America’s top climates for business investment and job creation. ...

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