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We the People have NO choice - Kinder, LA We the People have No choice The stakes couldn't be any higher. The many proven false accusations created by the Democratic Party that Donald Trump sexually harassed women has damaged his opportunity to become the president of the United S...

Allen Parish Election results for 2014 - Kinder, LA Allen Parish Election results for 2014 Incumbent Chief of Police for Oberlin, Grady Haynes, held on to his position winning with 57% of the vote. Former Oberlin Mayor and current Councilman Phil Beard was edged out by 13 votes by Robert (Bob) Ves...

YouPostTheNews is supporting Col. Rob Maness - Kinder, LA YouPostTheNews is supporting Col. Rob Maness for the upcoming Senate race against Dem Mary Landrieu, and Republican candidate Rep. Bill Cassidy. #OneOfUs Here are some others that are supporting Rob. Governor Sarah Palin Tony Perkins, Chairm...

Let's Roll 2013 planning a protest - Kinder, LA Millions of patriotic Americans who are tired and heartsick over the state of our nation are planning events all over the country because as they stated "Our rights are trampled daily. Our government has allowed and promoted evil to overrun our...

Vote NO for School Resource Officers in Allen Parish schools - Kinder, LA “This gives an opportunity to the people to decide on the safety of our schools,” Superintendent Michael Doucet said. So my question is if our schools are not safe now, why don't you have officers there now? We have to wait to see if the...

What do you know about the Radical Republican party? - Kinder, LA The Radical Republicans were a faction of American politicians within the Republican Party from about 1854 until the end of Reconstruction in 1877. They called themselves "radicals" and were opposed during the war by moderates and conservat...

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