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YouPostTheNews Media

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Aug. 11, 2015 4:34 PM

(YouPostTheNews) – 08/11/2015 - PARISH WIDE BURN BAN

As of lately the weather has produced some extreme temperatures, which is now affecting the vegetation in our fair parish, At the request of the Fire Districts, a PARISH WIDE BURN BAN has been instituted by the Allen Parish Police Jury. This Burn Ban is to protect the forests and lands that are in our parish from undue damage and to protect our residents from the danger of fires which may come close to their residences. Please exercise caution in any matter regarding the burning of vegetation or debris. These fire produce sparks and embers which may ignite a forest or field fire which may progress into a larger scenario as the one back in the early 2000's which consumed many acres of woods and placed a lot of our citizens homes in jeopardy. If you need further information on the BURN BAN, please contact your local Fire Chief or Fire District Chief for more information. Please be careful and watch out for each other in these extreme weather situations. Thank You for your assistance.


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