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We the People have NO choice - Kinder, LA 70648

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YouPostTheNews Media

Date Posted:
Oct. 19, 2016 4:19 PM

(YouPostTheNews) – We the People have No choice

The stakes couldn't be any higher. The many proven false accusations created by the Democratic Party that Donald Trump sexually harassed women has damaged his opportunity to become the president of the United States.
The Democratic party led by Hillary Clinton who has so many disturbing scandals that half of the American population has ignored apparently has not stopped her from taking a slight lead in the polls.
Trumps chances of winning, due to the political process, was already slim in the first place however he was tied or leading in the majority of the Swing States before the Democratic party started a smear campaign to demean his reputation as a human.
It is truly amazing to watch our political process take place and really understand exactly what is going on. When you look at the situation with Hillary Clinton and the scandals that are going on in her life and watch the news or read the newspapers and see how they just completely ignore it or try to act as if it is nothing. But when women come out with accusations that have not been truly vetted or proven and see the media coverage for days and days and days vs Hillary's actual proof of doing things that were corrupt, illegal, that got people killed and there be little to no coverage is just ridiculous.
We are living in and witnessing the most corrupt government that anyone has ever seen. When the FBI and the State Department who are the highest levels of law enforcement

can be corrupted by the Democratic Party it just shows that we are living in a time where our country will either repair the broken system with an outsider like Donald Trump or we will continue to be more and more corrupted, more and more divided, more and more deceived, more and more taxed, and our country will cease to exist the way that we grew up.
Much like President Obama told us when he was running for election that he was going to fundamentally change our country, Hillary Clinton has told us exactly what she plans to do.
Hillary Clinton will bring in more than a hundred to two hundred thousand refugees from Syria and other Muslim nations which will continue to be a drain on our economy as these people will not be able to gain employment.
The majority of these people do not have our same values or love for our country and they will seek to destroy or change our it.
Hillary Clinton also expressed that she would want open borders and open free trade. This free trade has been proven to not be profitable for the United States of America. Cities like Detroit and Cleveland have lost hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs that are going overseas where labor costs are cheaper, where taxes are cheaper, where they do not have to pay medical costs or social security taxes or insurance.
Then these businesses send their goods back to United States with no cost other than shipping the items. They save billions of dollars but it cost the American population hundreds of thousands of jobs that could provide for our families and hundreds of millions of dollars that could help pay down our debt and our people.
The only candidate that has expressed concern for the situation is Donald Trump. He has said that he will renegotiate the trade agreements that will benefit the United States of America rather than benefiting other countries.
We are living in a Time when illegal immigrants are illegally voting, where Democrats are voting more than their authorized one time, where elections are being manipulated in order to benefit the Democratic Party.
The electoral process gives an unfair advantage to the Democratic party much like Hillary Clinton had superdelegates that propelled her to become the Democratic candidate over Bernie Sanders.
Many of the millennium's we're attracted to Bernie Sanders because of his platform on wanting to give free college education to Young millenniums. However Hillary Clinton was able to use her political power and might to destroy Bernie Sanders so that she might be able to become the President of the United States.
We are living in a time where we may never see another Republican president again. As the Democrats continue to gain power by manipulating the system, the rules will be set up as such that no matter what the conservative Right does they will not be able to secure another place in the White House.
For those individuals who identify with the Left or are Independents just know that the

majority of the policies that Hillary Clinton has will erode our economy, destroy our civil liberties, destroy our moral values, and will continue to take us down a path of no return.
History proves that there are factors that will destroy your country from within. If you research the Roman Empire to see what caused their demise you will see that failure to enforce rules was a major factor.
We are seeing this in our country right now. When a democratic candidate who is running to become the President of the United States is not prosecuted for clear violations of the law due to her political status, this is a clear violation of the rules of Law and sets a double standard for the entire rule of law.
When people are allowed to Riot and Destroy other people's property and are not arrested and prosecuted due to political reasons we are failing as a country.
When criminals are allowed to persecute and defy the police who are there to enforce the laws of our land then we are seeing the end of our country. Only Donald Trump has spoke out about this. He said we will restore law and order.
Also what contributed to the fall of the Roman Empire was the numbers in their army. Once they had secured the Roman Empire the armies were dwindled down and disbanded which caused a weakening for their empire.
Our military will be at its lowest level in history in 2017. The projected is 1.2 million active duty military. In 1954 our military stood at 3.3 million. Starting in 1990 at 2 million we've seen a steady decrease to the levels we are at now. Our military has never been smaller in history.
Strength of the economy was also another Factor. Our country is trillions of dollars in debt to other nations. We borrow money to give to other countries with no reward for us as Americans.
Other factors mentioned where the competence of the Leadership of the Roman Empire. Our elected officials are so corrupted by the money and power that is circulated around Washington to buy their votes.
Career politicians are becoming the norm in our country. Donald Trump has called for term limits for Senators and Congressmen. He is the only candidate who is pushing for term limits and it's the only way to keep corruption from continuing.
Lastly factors that destroyed the Roman Empire were the religious changes that took effect during the time. Christianity was the religion that the Roman Empire followed. The Muslim Conquest represented the end of the Roman Empire.
As you can clearly see the United States of America is exactly on the same path of destruction. We must reverse this trend and grow our economy while strengthening our military and enforce the laws that have been made.
The only candidate that will do this is Donald Trump. If anyone who reads this votes for Hillary Clinton during this election just know that you contributed to the fall of the United States of America.
We have NO choice but to elect Donald Trump in this election.


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