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Monday is Memorial Day time to give thanks - Kinder, LA 70648

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YouPostTheNews Media

Date Posted:
May. 25, 2011 3:11 PM

(YouPostTheNews) –

Hi and thank you for your service to our country.

As we approach Memorial Day, I want to stop and spend a minute with you.

Memorial Day is the one day each year when we, as a country, stop to pay tribute to those that have given
the ultimate sacrifice to defend our nation.

It is said that Freedom is not free.
How true those words ring for those that sent their sons and daughters to die in service to each of us.
It must be so hard to think of the loss of a loved one - gone - in the spring of their lives.

We as citizens must not take this gift of service lightly.
The debt we owe to those that offered this sacrifice is to honor their service, their sacrifice and their commitment to our great nation.
We must learn to find agreement in our disagreements, accord in our discord and peace in our battles.

To honor the men and women that have gone before each of us, we must commit to sacrifice.
We must be willing to accept less from our government to offer a better nation for those that will follow and to pay
for the benefits that we have seen as entitlements. None of those soldiers that died on the field of battle were entitled
to anything beyond a burial service and a flag draped coffin.

What will each of us give up in a way to stop and say "thank you" to all that served and gave so much for our freedom?

Each of you risked your life in service to your country.
What will we citizens risk in service to our country?

I will pray for the safety and security of our troops in service on Monday and seek ways to contribute to my country's
future as my service to those that are serving me.

The only way our country survives is if the citizens believe that the future depends on decisions made today!

Thank you for your service.


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