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Extremely Normal Couponing - Oakdale, LA 71463

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Over half of the items here were free. The other items was under $1.00 each
Posted by:
gloria johnston

Date Posted:
Jun. 4, 2011 9:12 PM

(YouPostTheNews) – Admit it!!!! You have watched the very popular Extreme Couponing show on TLC and you have formed an opinion of it (good or bad). I know when I watched it I was in awe the first few times thinking I have to jump on this bandwagon. So off to my first coupon class given by Sonya from Coupon Queen. In her class, which I highly recommend, she gives you tons of good techniques and web sights to go to in order to start you off on the road to couponing. Is it really as easy as that?? Well yes and no!!!!

My first week I was non stop on the computer looking for coupons, printing coupons, organizing coupons, just to wake up the next morning in a frenzy to start all over again. I couldn't wait for my first big shopping trip and the chance to walk out of that store paying under $10.00 for a buggy worth of $300.00 plus in items. Did I do that? Well the answer is NO. I was so hurt. lol lol But what I did do

$118.05 before coupons out of pocket $43.02
was I got $150.00 worth of groceries and paid out of pocket $61.00. Now extreme NO but saved YES. So I was determined to learn more.

I started on facebook looking up coupon blogs, sights anything to help me find more on this new craze. I went to the dollar stores, circle k, and freds and found peelies, tabs, etc. I discovered sights that did all the price matching deals and free items listed for you so you didn't have to do all the hunting and working to find the bargains. Did this help me? YES!!!! So I then set out on smaller trips to Freds on Saturdays and learned how to walk out of the store under a fortune. That was a fun day when my son and I found a .50cent coupon off kraft bbq sauce. Off to Freds we went on Saturday cause they double coupons only on Saturday up to a .70 coupon. We had 21 coupons for this kraft sauce and guess what they were on sale for $1.00 so YES we DID we bought 21 bottles of bbq sauce and guess what we paid.??????? Each bottle $1.00 I handed over the .50 cent coupon and they doubled it sooo----- I got $1.00 off my purchase and times that by 21 ----I got 21 bottles of BBQ Kraft Sauce for a grand total of tax which was .88 cents. Did I need all that, NO but by the time I shared with my family we have enough to use this summer for some grill time.

Here is another fun trip we went on!!!!! Family dollar was our next attack. lol I had clipped 8 coupons for fixodent denture cleaner and it was a $3.00 off coupon. I went to Walmart and they had it for $3.49 so I was able to get them for .49 cents each, but they only had 2 boxes. I went to Family dollar for some French's Worcestershire sauce, I had a .75 cent coupon off $1.00 bottles so I would get them for .25 cents and there on the shelf was fixodent on sale for $2.50. I was so excited so yes 5 boxes jumped in my buggy.

$10.16 before coupons out of pocket .16 cents
I hurried to the cashier and checked out and whoohooo my total was .62 cents. (.50 cents for the two bottles of Frenchs plus tax and 5 boxes of totally free fixodent) My mother was so excited when we dropped off her present. She asked how much she owed us and I was so proud to tell her not one thing. Does this happen all the time? No, but it could if you follow steps and have some knowledge of sales and luck up on great coupons. It could make for a very rewarding trip to the store.

I wanted to write this to share and tell you that YES you can save at the store. I don't want to take away from Sonya's classes and share all she taught but if you have a chance to go to one of her classes it would be a great advantage to you. I will share some hints to what to do to look for the best coupons. First on facebook LIKE THIS SIGHT: // and here you will find coupons and great deals on all the ads. This is one of the best tips I can give you. From here you will find other amazing sights and ways to catch those deals.

I am going to close with my May grand totals. Again I didn't shop extreme but for my family this was great savings and I was able to let my family try new things and have great treats that we never was able to afford before. So happy shopping, stay positive, and find those bargains.

May totals: I price matched every item at walmart that was on sale that was in my buggy or I did not buy so with that said my total before coupons was alot higher but I didn't price the full price amount on each item.

Total Price before coupons $864.18
total of coupons $456.34
out of pocket $407.84
Yeah me!!!!!



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